Linea 100 Vertical Blinds

Solar shading
Linea 100 Verticle Fresco Solar Shading

The Vertical blind is a traditional window, solar shading solar shading solution which is common place in many commercial/health environments. Usually the blind is a long straight aluminium track with strips of fabric (Slats) hanging vertically. These can be tilted through 180o for solar and privacy control.

The hardware for the Linea 100 has been designed and revolutionised over the years to create a system that alienates the problem issues that other systems have yet to address.

These include;

Wheeled Carrier System

Snapping carriers/hooks - Unlike other systems; Linea 100 blinds allow for the user to replace any broken hooks by simply clicking a new one into place without taking down the blind. A major benefit on Time and Cost.

Slat Widths - Many alternative systems offer two sizes of slat widths – 127mm and 89mm – which take up more space on a window cill. The Linea 100 system offers various slat sizes down to a 50mm wide slat which gives the user more useable space on the cills.

Shaped Windows - The Linea 100 system is available as a blind which can be adapted to dress most window types: Straight windows, Bay Windows, Sloped Windows, Curved Window and Arched Windows.

Operation - All Linea 100 Vertical Blinds can be operated by Standard Dual Control, Mono Control, Wand Control and Electric Control.

MRSA - Very much the main topic on Health & Safety in the Hospital/Health Centre environment. The Linea 100 system includes a treated product which reduces the risk of MRSA. Please see the Linea Anti-Bacterial section for more information on this product.

Warranty - The Linea 100 Vertical Blind Systems carries a 5 Year Warranty.