Linea 200 Venetian Blinds

Solar shading
Linea 200 Venentian Fresco Solar Shading

The Venetian Blind is predominantly an aluminium blind, comprising of horizontal slats which sit on cord ladders and can be ‘tilted’ through 180o to allow the user to control the influx of light levels to suit.

Slat sizes will vary dependant on the size of the window and the blind’s size limitations but usually range from 16mm to 50mm wide.

The Linea 200 Venetian Blind System allows Architects and Specifiers alike, to compliment their buildings with the most up to date technology this type of blind has to offer.

Colour Co-ordination - All of the Linea 200 series are totally colour co-ordinated and have matching slats, headrails, bottom rails ladders and cords.

Audio Visual Compatibility - The Linea 200 includes in it’s range a venetian blind comprising of 50mm slats, side channels and bottom channels which creates a blind to dimout environments requiring minimal light ingress.

NVH Venetian - The Linea 200 NVH is a 25mm venetian blind which is engineered so that when the slats are in a closed position; the user does not gain light ingress through the holes in which the cords are hanging.

Mono - Along with the standard dual operation (cords to raise and lower/wand to tilt), the Linea Mono is a venetian blind with a continual chain which raises, lowers and tilts the slats, thus reducing the issue of trailing cords when the blind is in it’s raised position.