Linea 300 Roller Blinds

Solar shading
Linea 300 Roller Blind Fresco Solar Shading

The Roller Blind, as the name suggests is a blind which has a roller tube with fabric attached to it and is operated by either rolling the fabric up or down.

The Linea 300 Roller Blind has a large number of systems available for architects or end users to use on their window areas and have been designed to meet almost every conceivable application.

With the ever changing size of Windows and Curtain Walling preferred by Architects and Designers alike, the Linea 300 Roller Blind has addressed many of the issues which have created problems for other systems in our industry.

These include:

Size - The internal mechanism allows for a Linea 300 Roller Blind to be manufactured as a manually operated blind up to 4m2, whilst maintaining the ease of raising and lowering the fabric. As well as other systems being heavier to operate, they can also tend to allow the fabric to ‘slip’ when it is in the raised position. This does not occur with the Linea 300 Roller Blind.

Secure Fixing - Irrespective of size, many roller blind systems have two fixing points at either end of the blind. One of the ends has the operating chain where the blind is raised and lowered and is subject to continual strain on the fixing point. The Linea 300 Roller Blind system has a continual fixing plate which allows the user to have as many fixings as requested along the length of the roller. This spreads the weight of the blind, reducing the risk of pulling the blind out of it’s brackets.

Fabrics – The Linea range of fabrics includes an application for almost every requirement. This can be from a Dim-out fabric for Boardroom presentations to the Lineascreen range which allows the user to ‘see through’ the blind whilst maintaining solar gain and glare control. The range also includes the environmentally friendly Linea Enviroblind fabric which can be seen in the appropriate section.

Warranty – The Linea 300 Roller system has warranties ranging from 5 - 10 years dependant on which product is used.